IDC & ABB Future of Mining webinar

Digital transformation for 180 global mining firms

Join Emilie Ditton, IDC Global Mining Research Director, and Adrian Beer, ABB Senior Vice President, as they share their perspectives on the future digital transformation in the mining industry across the globe.

Watch the webinar:

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Topics include:

  • Budget shifts in mining
  • Investment in technology
  • The growing need for responsiveness and control
  • Ways to create visibility through data insights

Mining organizations operating in today’s market face many complex challenges. Building on the future of mining, let’s look at improving customer productivity in commodity trading and risk management, sales and marketing, logistics, and reporting with the ABB MineMarket solution.

MineMarket 5.0, the essential solution for managing the complete mine-to-market and trading processes.

MineMarket supports a full contract and trade lifecycle from booking to logistics. Contracts (physical and derivative), logistics and inventory management can be managed within a single integrated application for all your refined and concentrate metals’ needs.

MineMarket is the only commodity trading and risk management solution for refined and concentrate metals that miners trust to track their material. It can:

  • Capture all types of contracts (including complex pricing)
  • Track physical inventory throughout the supply chain, in real time
  • Gain real-time visibility into purchases, sales and P&L across physicals and derivatives, including exposures
  • Maintain up-to-date logistics information across different modes of transportation and quality certificates

For more information about ABB MineMarket, please look here.