An integrated planning process to justify gas decisions at every stage

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SENDOUT gas planning is now available as a service of ABB. Working with you, ABB will model your natural gas system in SENDOUT using your data, optimize your scenarios, and provide results for you.

SENDOUT is ABB’s proven and reliable natural gas cost optimization software. Gas supply professionals at 65 companies rely on SENDOUT for all their gas planning needs. SENDOUT provides justification to management and regulators for your short term and long term gas planning decisions, such as capacity replacement study or rate hike justification.

If you are currently facing obstacles such as staffing or are still using spreadsheets to create your gas portfolio plans, you may be losing time and money on plans that are not thoroughly researched. Regulators might disallow portions of the plan due to lack of research. SENDOUT provides detailed decision making points that give your plans the credibility needed to proceed with business.

We use an integrated data method for all natural gas planning processes.

  • Build and maintain a reliable gas portfolio at the least cost.
  • Fulfill regulatory requirements.
  • Support gas plan decisions such as capacity replacement study or rate hike justification.
  • Maximize financial results by managing weather and price risks.
  • Increase revenues by assessing capacity release and sales opportunities.

Our experts can perform your studies quickly and at lower cost to you.

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SENDOUT gas planning is now available as a service of ABB. Start sustaining a consistent, flexible, repeatable and transferable gas portfolio planning process. Contact ABB to request a consultation at 1-800-868-0497 or We look forward to your participation.

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Jeff Baker
Product Manager - SENDOUT
Energy Portfolio Management
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