ABB digital mine video: Is this your future?

ABB’s digital transformation for mines

Welcome to the ABB Digital Mine.

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Mines are an essential part of modern economies, providing the raw materials needed for the technology that powers the modern world. However, miners often put their lives at risk, travelling deep underground in dangerous conditions to bring these precious elements to the surface. ABB has a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions – including ABB Ability, our suite of digital solutions – that are transforming the way mines operate, creating a digitally-enabled environment that is safe, clean and sustainable, with a workforce carrying out exciting, stimulating tasks.

ABB digital solutions also include intelligent mining solutions for control, visibility, and operational insight through the entire mine value chain, from mine to market. With a holistic view of their critical processes, mining operations are better equipped to manage within an increasingly complex and ever-changing regulatory environment. For more information, click here.