Webinar: Scenario analysis of high variable renewable penetrations in ERCOT

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As the costs for wind, solar, and battery storage technologies continue to decline, futures in which variable renewable energy (VRE) resources reach percentages as high as 50% of demand are increasingly plausible. In this presentation ABB Advisors present an analysis of bounds-stretching, what-if scenarios involving high-VRE penetrations of wind and solar capacity in ERCOT.

This investigation examines:

  • Changes to diurnal, seasonal, and annual peak and off-peak marginal clearing prices, including the incidence of negative- or zero-priced hours.
  • Pure arbitrage battery storage builds - in what scenarios and at what installation costs are they economic?
  • Wind and solar unit profitability over time.

Duration: 1 hour

We look forward to your participation.

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