Ensuring reliable power and reducing energy cost for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) sites

ABB Microgrid Business Case

Delivering highly reliable and affordable electricity supply is a critical element to commercial and industrial facilities for their daily operations and economic growth. Frequent power outages, regular interruptions to the grid power supply or other voltage disturbances makes C&I owners rely on expensive diesel backup power solutions which increase their energy costs and are also harmful to the environment.

ABB microgrid solutions help C&I customers by providing a reliable, stable and affordable power with renewables and energy storage technology. The economic and operating benefits include:

  • Reliable and resilient power that protects against power disruptions of any duration from fractions of a second to prolonged outages
  • Maximize utilization of the production facility by ensuring 24/7 continuous operation
  • Reduce carbon footprint by maximizing renewable power generation
  • Reduced Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) with an attractive Internal Rate of Return on investments (IRR)

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