Webinar: Investing in Renewables - Escaping Commoditization

With the global installed renewable energy capacity expected to more than double by 2040, it is certain that renewables will be leading the transition to a sustainable energy system in the future. There has been tremendous growth in the production and adaption of renewables, fostered by the increasing awareness of these new technologies, as well as supporting policy, regulatory and tendering processes around the globe.

To safeguard profitability, investors, project developers, independent power producers and utilities need to understand the increasingly complex market and the grid environment, so they can handle commoditization trends and benefit from emerging opportunities like participation in energy markets or renewables balancing through energy storage. Market outlook data, forecast reports and sophisticated analytics are essential to efficiently assess and weigh the external factors on a global scale, as well as market-specific elements, before and during investing to achieve success.

In this webinar, ABB’s Energy Portfolio Management (EPM) team will explore and discuss the following:

  • Global and regional renewables market challenges
  • Emerging renewables investment challenges and opportunities
  • Leveraging technology solutions to invest and participate in the changing renewables market successfully

Join our team of energy experts and gain valuable insights to grow your renewables business portfolio. At ABB, we offer a comprehensive offering of information, advisory, and software applications to support energy market participants and market operators.

Webinar details

Duration: 90 minutes
Format: Live webinar
Date: Monday, Feb 18, 2019
Time:7:30 - 9:00 AM CET (2:30 - 4:00 PM SGT)


Gian Schelling

Gian Schelling, Segment Business Development Manager Renewables, ABB

Gian Schelling has contributed in growing the Renewables industry since more than 10 years. He started with the global introduction of Vestas’ 3 MW wind turbine platform, also introduced solar PV inverters to global markets and today leads ABB’s global Renewables Business Development in Grid Automation.


Anser Shakoor

Dr. Anser Shakoor, Head ABB Market Advisory Business (EMEA), ABB

Anser Shakoor leads ABB’s market advisory function in EMEA. He has 18 years of experience in providing strategic advice on investments in the electricity sector and assessing market risks and opportunities. His clients include utilities, investors and developers of renewable energy across Europe, South Asia and the Middle East. He holds a PhD in Power System Economics with a special focus on integration of renewables.

Sarut Chayanupatkul

Sarut Chayanupatkul, Advisory Consultant, ABB

Sarut is an Advisory Consultant in the Energy Portfolio Management product group of ABB. His main focus has been on electricity market modeling, market analysis, and financial modeling for power projects in the Asia Pacific region. He has worked with multiple clients including international energy companies, utilities, international banks, and private equity funds.

Zhen-Hui Eng

Zhen-Hui Eng, Sales Manager, ABB

Zhen-Hui is heading the Asia Pacific sales efforts for the Energy Portfolio Management product group of ABB. His expertise spans power generation, transmission, distribution, and retail. He has advised on due diligence for renewables projects, transaction advisory for investors, power prices forecasting, LNG and coal markets, as well as economic regulation.

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