On-demand webinar for railway & transformer protection, control and monitoring

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ABB’s power and automation technology solutions support the digital transformation of your business from the field to the boardroom and everywhere in between, enabling deep insight into the power network, asset performance management, energy efficiency and reduced operating costs.

Through this on-demand webinar we are pleased to share with you the brand new Relion® 670 series protection, control and monitoring solutions focusing on railway and transformer functionalities.

Railway solution

With the introduction of catenary protection, the brand new Relion RER670, our flagship railway protection and control Intelligent Electronic Device (IED), now offers complete protection, control and monitoring across your valuable railway systems. This ensures end-to-end coverage for transformers, transmission lines and catenary infrastructure in 16.7 / 50 / 60 Hz railway networks.

This offering from ABB comes packaged with unique benefits

  • The device is based on the durable and comprehensively tested Relion 670 series that has continued R&D focus and our sustainable lifecycle promise
  • RER670 is guaranteed to receive updates of the globally acclaimed 670 series, for example, cyber security
  • End-to-end protection, control and monitoring solutions across your entire electrical railway infrastructure

Transformer functionality

Another key new offering from the Relion 670 2.2 series is the transformer through fault monitoring. This advanced functionality brings a key benefit to monitor mechanical stresses caused by through faults and thereby helps take appropriate actions on maintenance of power transformers.

Webinar presenter

Joseph Menezes

Joseph Menezes
Global Product Manager
Relion 670 series

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